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Did you know...

  • Baby rabbits have no smell or odor —This helps hide and protect them.
  • Bunny’s ears—no matter what shape—hear all, sense all and cool bunny when it’s hot!

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  • Life expectancy: Dwarfs: 5-7 years, Larger breeds: 6-10 years.
  • Growing (<6 months of age) or reproductively active female rabbits get timothy hay (free choice), a small amount of appropriate timothy/alfalfa pellets (1/4th cup per 5 lbs body weight) and appropriate fresh greens.
  • Other rabbits over 6 months of age get free choice timothy hay (free choice), a small amount of timothy based pellets (1/4th cup per 5 lbs body weight) and appropriate greens.
  • House your rabbit in a well-ventilated wire cage in a low stress location away from other pets.
  • Use “Care Fresh” or Aspen bedding, “Yesterday’s News” for litter and keep bedding and litter dry and clean.
  • The larger the enclosure the better, but offer a secure hiding area as well.
  • Cost: $10 - $150
  • Do not shave the fur on your rabbit’s feet can lead to pressure sores and debilitating infection.
  • Do not use Cedar shavings as these can lead to respiratory tract and liver disease.
  • Exercise is very important.
  • Health tips: Annual check ups with dental evaluation and appropriate parasite screening are needed to ensure the best health for your rabbit.
  • We perform a full physical examination, discuss diet, husbandry, environmental enrichment and preventative care to help extend and improve your rabbits’s life.
  • Encephalitozoon and Pasteurella screening is available for all pet rabbits. These can be chronic hidden but debilitating diseases as bunnies age. <