Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic of Roanoke

Paul Stewart, DVM

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New Client Information

To serve you best, it is critical that we have as much background information about your pet as possible. We have placed our forms here on the website so you can download them, fill them out at your leisure, and bring them with you when you come. This will help us serve you more efficiently.

First we need information about you and pets that you have in your home. Please download our client information form.

New client information (pdf)

Now click on the link below to download the appropriate file about your specific pet. Please bring both of these with you when you come to your first appointment.


Small Mammals (pdf)
Reptiles (pdf)
Birds (pdf)

Ever forgot your pet's medication and vaccine schedule? There is a web site that will help you. Simply register basic information about you and your pet (it takes about a minute), and you will automatically be sent an email or text message whenever it's time to give your pet's medication. The site will even alert you when your supply is about to run out. Click here for more information.